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Acne & Hair Fall with Test/Deca Cycle

I have been training intense with good diet for the past several years. I did one cycle back in 2017. Now I want to start my second cycle with Test and Decca. How much dosage is fine. Also I am scared of losing my hair. May be it sounds stupid but thats the way i am so excuse me for that Please. I have healthy hair. I have a very decent physique but still want to gain few pounds. I have an acne prone skin too. Help me out guys. I

I personally have decided to never touch Deca, as there are plenty of stories out there of users losing their libido for YEARS after cessation. Do a quick search on this forum, and you’ll see all the horror stories.

If you didn’t lose hair on your first cycle, your likely not predisposed to male pattern baldness, and don’t have to worry. DHT based steroids like Winstrol, Anadrol, and Masteron are harder on the hairline that Test or Nandrolone based compounds.

Generally speaking, it sounds like you are under prepared and need to do a lot more research before you start a cycle. Just being straight with you, no disrespect.

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I did not lose hair on probably my first 5 cycles but now I am. So just because you dont lose it on your first one does not mean you’re not predisposed to MPB.


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