Acne Breakout During PCT

Ok guys… so maybe some of yall can be of help … I’m on my 2nd week of pct from a 12 week test e only cycle. Ran my AI (arimidex) with it as well. My pct is as follows- week 1&2. 40 mg nolva ed. Week 3&4. 20 mg nolva ed. Week 5.10 mg nolva ed. . I’m running a test support blend , milk thistle, some other naturals… I dont feel too bad really. Not tired and drained like I thought I’d be.
My problem is I’m breaking out on my chest, shoulders, back fairly bad. Had no acne during cycle. I understand it is hormonal changes. Some guy told me ,“dude you gotta get your hormones balanced out.” Well how the hell do I do that… Is this just a part , and will go away ? Is there anything I can do? And how long should I wait untill I get bloods?? Thanks for inputs.

Totally normal for many. I get zero pimples on cycle, but break out pretty well during abs after PCT. usually clears 4-8 weeks after PCT ends.

As an adult and even as someone going through puberty anytime your hormone levels are fluctuating you are suceptable to break outs. Now usually it is more likely to happen when levels are rising but I have had it happen during that two week wait to start PCT. Right now you are getting your natural test levels back up so they are rising thus the acne.

As stated I the earlier comment it should clear up. I have noticed that the breakouts are worse than puberty in a way, obviously if it during a cycle it is due to extra high test levels but even when I did PCT it was worse than puberty. Just clean your skin a couple times a day. One thing I found and i did this because I noticed how oily my skin was, I got cotton balls and doused them with running alcohol. After using the cotton ball/alcohol to clean my skin it was almost a dingy yellowish brownish hued thing. Doing the cotton balls a couple times a day definitely helps. You could try traditional acme stuff but I found it just didn’t do much it’s like the acne from cycling is a different kind of acne and it is immune to the traditional stuff.

As far as how long to wait for blood work. I wouldn’t worry about getting blood work even if the acne lingers a bit. I would think that as long as you feel good and there is no noticable signs of low test then around 2-3 months past cycle is a good time to check to see if your back in range. Just keep in mind it takes months and months to truly fully recover so the blood work at 2-3 months is just to make sure you are back producing your own test and it is an appreciable amount above zero. I doubt you will be pre cycle levels at 2-3 months but you could be close. Just too many factors go into how well we recover post cycle.

I appreciate it guys. And I know I have plenty of time untill I need to be worried about another cycle and get bloods done to make sure I’m recovering good. I started my pct august 1st. Once i run that. Plus September and october hopefully I can run again in November? I know it varies between the individual. I just want to be smart about it… whenever I get bloods done I’ll post levels and maybe yall can help with them and my results. thanks!:muscle: