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Acne and Pantothenic Acid

I recently started using Alpha Male after having a break from Tribulus products and as expected my acne started to flare up a bit. It is fairly mild, and no where near the levels that led me to do a course of Accutane about 4 years ago.

I did a search on here and someone recommended Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5) so I thought that I would give it a go. After doing some more research I found out that the recommended dose for treating acne is anywhere up to 5-10 grams a day.

Considering I could only find 250mg grams tablets I decided to start on a lower dose and just see what happened. I had a couple of days at 2 grams and now having either 1 or 2 grams a day and my skin is looking better than ever (and none of the fun side effects of Accutane)

I have changed nothing else in my diet or training so I am pretty confident that the Pantothenic Acid is doing the job. I have done some more research about supplementing B5 and the only concerns that I can see are the potential for it to lead to a deficiency in other B vitamins.

I would appreciate it if anyone knows of any other concerns that I should be aware of.

Just thought that I would share my story for any others that may be in a similar situation. Keep in mind that I said my acne (only facial) was fairly mild to start with.

I’m 21 years old and also taking B5 (about 4 g/day). This stuff really works, it has dramatically cleared up my acne. I’ve yet to read anything about it being unsafe because it is water soluble and therefore toxic levels can’t build up. My only problem with taking B5 is how consistent you have to be. If i miss a couple days, i’ll get a mild flair up. Hopefully i’ll grow out of it.

Wow. I’ve tried B5 and haven’t noticed jack squat in my acne. Then again I’ve only been taking about 500mg/day. Looks like I need to buy a stockpile of it and up the dosage.

[quote]chrismcl wrote:
Wow. I’ve tried B5 and haven’t noticed jack squat in my acne. Then again I’ve only been taking about 500mg/day. Looks like I need to buy a stockpile of it and up the dosage.[/quote]

As I mentioned previously, the research that I have done suggests up to 10grams a day. Maybe kick your dosage up a bit and see what happens. Just keep in mind that 5 grams is generally 20 tabs a day.

Just be carefull. I wouldnt stay on a 10 gram dose over an extended period of time. I would keep that to maybe 12 weeks max, then taper off and use a 1 gram dose for maintenance, jacking it up briefly if you notice a flareup. High doses over a long period of time can lead to thinning hair/ hair loss for sure. Ive heard of claims of brittle nails and high sensitivity to sunlight as well from a few people, but definitelty it seemed alot of people had the hair issue from prolonged usage.

I’ve taken up to 10 grams of B5 a day. It gets expensive. It’ll run ya around 100 bucks a month depending on where you live. I’d say it works ok. It definitely reduces oilyness for me, but doesn’t overcome it totally. Copper, B2, and colloidal silver have also worked well for me although B2 makes me very lethargic. Zinc makes my acne worse.

Lately I’ve been using Nizoral shampoo on my acne… yes shampoo. Anthony Roberts has written an article about it acting as an anti-DHT compound for acne. DHT can cause the sebatious glands to produce more oil which results in clogged folicles followed by acne.

Here’s the kicker. This last week I started taking testosterone enanthane as well as Arimidex for anti-estradiol control. I was expecting to break out horrendously, but unexpectedly my skin is the best I’ve seen it in years.

No new acne, no oil, fantastic skin. Just the opposite of what I was expecting. I’m wondering if it’s the anti-estrogen I’ve been taking. The test. dose was pretty high as well… much more than what would replace my endogenous production.