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Acne and Bodybuilding

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I know how frustrating acne can be. Sometimes I wonder if I should sacrifice my skin for having a good body. Idealy, we would all like both of course.

I have tried accutane two different times when I was younger(16 and then 18). I did not like the way it made my body feel. I felt tired and weak all the time. I ended up tearing my ACL my senior year in high school, which I still thing was related to being on the accutane.

Stella- I do use a good face wash prescribed by my derm. called Plexion. I have tried many prescriptions, as I am sure all of you have. Do you know of a good mask that would help? I dont eat junk(candy, chocolate, soda etc.) so I dont think that could be the cause. I think there may be some link to my protein shakes however. I have read that dairy can aggravate people sensitive to breakouts. That sucks cause I know I benefit from my shakes a lot. So I may try cutting down for a while and then slowly adding them back in to my diet.

Does creatine seem to make any of you break out more?

BTW, the B5 and Guggulsterones have seemed to help me in the last three days. I will keep you guys updated on my progress.