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Acne and Bodybuilding

I also did a cycle of Accutane. It is a serious medication and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but if you have severe acne, it is something to consider using. I had cystic acne, and it seems like Accutane was the only thing that really worked, at the root of the problem. By the time the cysts were at skin-level, they were already doing permanent damage to my complexion.

As far as over-the-counter stuff, I can recommend that stuff you see on infomercials called “Pro-Active”. They do have a good system, at least it works for me, for the minor breakouts I get as an adult. Even though I hate to recommend something that you see in an infomercial. You have to sign up for a monthly shipment (or bi-monthly) and I couldn’t use it up fast enough. So after a few months I cancelled, with a several-months’ supply on hand. It’s 3 steps, a medicated scrub, an astringent, and a medicated lotion.

I would not recommend Irish Spring or Ivory if you have a serious acne problem.