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Acne and Bodybuilding


No offense meant, but you may want to consider your facial regimen. Men in general -- of course, this is a bit generalized statement, but this is just my observation -- do not spend a lot of time buying a good skin care product that they can use to wash their face, etc. Dirty and clogged pores will cause acne and breakout a LOT more than anything else, esp. if your skin's oily and/or normal to oily. A good skin care product, BTW, is not the most well-known brand. It's the product that cleans your skin the best without irritating it. Experiment until you find a good one. I'm currently using Eucerin face wash, and it's very nice. Self-heating skin wash/mask is good for cleaning pores, but it can dry out your skin if you do not use any moisturizer. Always wash with warm water and rinse thoroughly and finish it off with some cold water.

Also consider your diet. Some people breakout when they eat chocolate, candies, too much tomatoes, etc. I breakout when I eat too much junk food and other crap that I shouldn't be eating.