Acne Alternatives on TRT?

Hey all, was just looking for some input on acne with TRT. I recently went and saw the dermatologist who prescribed me Bactrim DS 2x/day. I am debating whether it is worth taking this or not due to GI side effects, and antibiotic resistance as this is a high dose of a pretty strong antibiotic for 6+ months.

He said hormonal acne is harder to treat, so will an antibiotic even do much good? I have heard taking zinc can be beneficial if so what kind and dose? Possibly Nizoral shampoo? Just looking to see if anyone has success stories because I’m willing to try anything at this point besides accutane.


Have you tried vitamin D? Many people swear for it for acne. For me personally 4-5000 IU daily keeps my skin clear.

Lower your dose.

I currently take 5,000 iu of Vitamin D daily as of a few weeks ago. My levels came back at 28.8 with reference ranges of 30-80 not sure what the unit is. So I’m sure my levels aren’t to where they should be yet.