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ACLU Opinion: Louisianian Flag Catholic?



But it isnâ??t merely a pelican, but a mother feeding her young. A mother pelican was long ago believed to feed her young with drops of her own blood, if no other food was available. Catholics naturally used this to teach people about the sacrificial love of Christ, who offered his own blood to us all at Mass. (Instead of bleeding herself, the mother is likely just pounding her bill into their chest to fully empty her pouch.)


Chris I actually have a rather substantial respect for your intelligence so don't take this the wrong way, but what exactly are you trying to get at here?


Wondering what people think of Louisiana's flag being Catholic, or about people thinking it is Catholic, and if anyone has any information about it. I had more to my OP, but it doesn't seem to be coming up. And, I don't remember what questions I posed.

Don't give me that substantial respect crap.


Unless I read it wrong, the ACLU hasn't taken issue with the flag.

From the article- " Wonder how long itâ??ll take the ACLU to freak out about this one. ".

So the blogger is just chomping at the bit to be "persecuted" by the ACLU.

That is about as intellectually stimulating as an episode of "Watch my dad freak out when I bring home this asshole", as played out by a 16 year old girl, and written with about the same mindset.


What does that mean?


Means say what you mean. I can tell when someone respects me.


Ok, I respect your intelligence and study skills and yes I respect your perceptiveness. There are also things I see in you that I do not respect. That really does not please me, I mean really, if that means anything to you.


Well then speak on it.