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ACL Surgery - How Long Did You Wait?


Tore my ACL in June and still waiting for surgery. By the looks of it, I will have surgery in January. Focusing on mobility, stretching, and stationary bike, however, my knee is hurting more everyday but at a gradual pace. I am anxious to get this done. Anyone else have the same or a similar experience? What did you do to off-set such feelings?


Increasing pain seems odd if you completely tore your ACL. When I tore my ACL, I waited about 3 months before having surgery and it did not get any worse. I actually felt better everyday and I was walking around just fine. The time between tearing my ACL and getting surgery I did absolutely no lifting/exercise on it. I iced quite a bit, but that was about it. Good luck with the surgery. It will be MUCH worse after for about 2 months, but it will improve. My ACL practically never bothers me now. The MCL on the other hand is a different story, but even that injury is pretty much 100%.


I should have specified in my post that I have not been using the stationary bike for the past 2 weeks and I feel more pain now. Perhaps I will need to get back on the stationary bike to workout my quad muscles b/c this helped tremendously.

My injury is a little different than yours since I have tore my ACL completely and tore my lateral meniscus. I am hoping that I don't have any further damage. Anyhow, good to hear that you are doing well. Are you playing active/competitive sports now? If so, how long did it take you? And what graft did you use?


Well the bike probably hurts because you tore your meniscus... who told you to ride a bike anyway?


Oh, and for the love of God you do not need quad strengthening... you tore your ACL. Why would you want to promote more anterior translation of your tibia?


I've never had a torn ACL, but as far as coping...I know it's not much, but it'll probably help to focus on getting some kick ass upperbody workouts in on a regular basis. Maybe focus these next few months on adding to your bench PR or weighted pullups...stuff like that. That way you feel like you're still making accomplishments. Best of luck.


I play intramurals and whatnot every so often. To be honest it still gets very sore the day afterwards, but it usually goes away after a day. The reality is that it will never be the same, but it really shouldn't keep you from participating in the things you enjoy doing. I got the hamstring graft. It practically never hurts while I lift weights or run for distances.

It really only bothers me when sprinting, but even this isn't that bad. I didn't try and play any active/competitive sports for at least a year after my surgery, but that was not because I couldn't, rather I just did not try.


Dude, avoid excessive weight bearing that does mean deadlifting squatting etc. Your long term health is at risk with the lateral meniscus tear. It will be a year off your life, but that will be nothing compared to the years you could be spending in and out of surgery if you have to get a meniscectomy.


I completely tore my ACL in June, and waited till mid-October to have my surgery - a cadaver graft. In June it was sore, but it went away eventually, and I was doing some pretty serious stuff in the gym on a torn ACL- heavy squats, jumps, mountain biking, etc. I could not run very well, but I could definitely lift and do mountain biking. I was hell bent on getting as strong as possible before my surgery, and I think it worked.

It rarely if ever hurt leading up to surgery. You can actually get by without an ACL, but most likely will develop premature arthritis in your knee, plus you can't play contact sports such as basketball, softball, or flag football, all of which I play.


I just tore my ACL and arcurate ligament 3 weeks ago playing basketball. I have been walking around almost completely unphased for the past week, along with a riding stationary bike and doing body squats, strengthening exercises at least 4 times a day. It’s feeling great, range of motion and overall strength is good. I only feel instability when I completely lock my leg straight. I am planning to get the surgery done in about 3 months. Just checking to see how your recovery went, as yourself I’m very determined to get this thing back to normal. Any advice would be appreciated.


Get it done. At one point after surgery…maybe two years later after surgery…my knee felt so good and the scars were so faint I honestly could not remember or tell people what knee I had torn. It took an x-Ray to the same knee years later, for an unrelated injury, where I actually saw the screws in the x-Ray and remembered it had been my right knee.

I think I returned to playing adult flag football around a year after surgery. Keep in mind I was 40 at the time. Get the surgery done and take your time with everything. Good luck.


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I ruptured my ACL, tore my meniscus and fractured my patella in a strongman competition. Got a hamstring graft for the ACL, took 5 months and 22 days until I was cleared to train the injured leg, and was back to about 90% strength at the 8 month post op mark. Made what I would call a full recovery in a year.


Hey ,i got ligment injury during football ,its saying i have a oblique tear in my lateral meniscus.
Is that something i should worry about?


I got the same tear in my meniscus. It sucks, but you will survive.


Can i get back into sports after the surgery


Gotta check with your surgeon. I returned to strongman, but that doesn’t have a lot of lateral movement.