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ACL-r, Meniscal Repair and Bankart Lesion


It's been a couple of months and I'm finally back in the swing of things hitting good lifts again.
I suffered all 3 these injuries playing rugby. It felt like i'd never be back to normal but after nearly 2 years of busting my balls with rehab i managed to get there.
Pretty psyched on my first 500 plus pull today since the injury (520)
This is just a reminder that injuries can be overcome, it's just a tough process mentally and physically and to all those who are going through these pains you can do it if you just keep going.

TripleC also had a pretty bad spell a while back any news on how the rehab is going?

If anyone is going through any of these processes and need some advice/encouragement feel free to ask.


Congratulations man.

About to go through my own ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair. How was your surgery and immediate post op phase?