ACL Question About After Workouts

Hey guys, I had my acl repaired last november and got cleared in may. Im rotc and have started really conditioning. Ive noticed after running distance or biking distance my knee becomes stiff and it feels like im breaking scar tissue loose when I bend it, then after some stretching and walking it goes away but sometimes returns when I sit for long periods. Just scar tissue? And will it go away eventually? Thank you.

Not sure. but the main thing is pain.
Is there any pain? If not, great.
do you do any regular mobility work for your feet/ankles/knees/hips/upper spine in particular? - not stretching but movement.
if not - good idea to add that in either in the am before you get going or really before you run and after. Takes moments to minutes and really pays off.
here’s a really fast, 6 move high payoff approach


Not really any pain just that crackling feeling. And that program is worth the $35?

Is the overall health of your body worth $35? I understand that the economy sucks so people are tighter with budgets, but $35 is cutting out 1-2 nights of partying/drinking or some other frivolous endeavor. I’d say it is well worth it.

In terms of your knee itself, did you go through a full therapy course? How long were you doing therapy for? What types of exercises, treatments, etc were performed? Did you regain full ROM at the knee? How was your ROM at the hip, ankle, and thoracic spine afterwards? Did your ortho give an concerns or discuss any potential scar buildup with you when he cleared you for full activity?

No pain is a good thing. You MIGHT just have some scar tissue buildup, but I’d bet that you probably have some mobility restrictions and poor soft tissue quality that are also effecting your knee as well. Scar tissue rarely just flares up after activity for no reason. Usually is accompanied by some other deficit(s).

I would say offhand it is probably nothing. But I also know I never want to have my ACL done again, so if I had a question on whether I was fucking it up I would ask my ortho, not the Internet.