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ACL Partial Tear

Hey i played football and i screwed up my knee, it was very unstable. so i went to doctor, and in my country that takes 2 months waiting (if you dont pay big bucks and go private) and he sent me to get an MRI which took 4 more months, and now i have to wait another 2 month to go to doc again.

MRI said it was a mild partial tear and i have something called ventral tibial shift ( translation tibia shifted forwards). so i was wondering could i strengthen my legs ( which i already did, but you can always go for more, especially hamstrings) so that muscles take over so i dont have to go for ACL reinforcement operation. or is the operation a must if i wanna play again (i play basketball and football as my hobby, nothing serious)?

ok i got a bit earlier than i hoped, and doc says that he wouldnt advise an operation, that the knee is relatively stable, but he also said i should try to stay away from basketball or football. but he advised if i do play i should use some sort of protection for my knee. could someone help choose an adequate piece