ACL Help

Can someone please put up a total rehab program for rehabbing acl. Ham graft, transfix, 6 weeks out of surgery. Sets and reps included please. Flexibility training also. Or is it so that no one really knows this stuff? What is the state of the art method now? My doc and pt told me to do leg extension, how about that?

Actually, I talked to Charles Staley on the phone about this when I had my knee reconstruction about, wow exactly 5 years ago today! Anyway,he told me to do reverse step ups on stairs, super slow. Just stand on your last step with your back to the stairs and hold on to the railing. go up and down super slow and do as many as you can and do it multiple times a day. Now, I don’t know how far advanced you are in your rehab but I had a lot of problems in the beginning. The Dr found that I am about 10% of the population that has extended ligements and he had to add a screw to stabilize the it. I ended up being in a brace without doing ANYTHING for 2 1/2 months so I had a lot of scar tissue built up. My re-hab process took a lot longer than I had expected. Maybe you are past this stage and you can go for a more advanced training regimen. I would use this exercise though and maybe add some weight with holding a dumbell in your hand if you are further along. I definitely wouldn’t to leg extensions!!! Do squats up against he wall and use your good leg just to assist you,split squats on a swissball, 1-legged leg press, 1- legged hack squats (make sure your other leg assists you on this one!)And I definitely would suggest cryotherapy after every training session! GOOD LUCK! If you need more detailed info, let me know.

There is an enormous amount that can / should be done - but it needs to be done with proper supervision and guidance at this stage. Fill me in on your location and hopefully I can help.

In faith,

Coach Davies