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Acid Test, Fake Dbol? Advice?


Hello everyone , m gonna start my dbol cycle this week along with test, i have bough all the necessary stuff,. To b precise m suspecting my dbol pills to b fake n i need ur help to get it clear if its of any use or not , hopefully any1 could help me, i did its sulphiric acid test , and disslovd the pill for about 5 minutes and all i got was a yellow precipitate in the solution . And not a reddish brown color…:sweat::sweat:
What does it indicates ?? Could any1 help ,

M uploding the pics , along with the post.pls help

Thnxx in advance


There is no such thing as a sulphuric acid test for dbol. This tells you absolutely nothing. Whoever told you this works did not know what they are talking about. YOU CANNOT TEST FOR THE PRESENCE OF DBOL WITH SULPHURIC ACID.