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Aching Knees?

I have been noticing lately that my knees have been aching a lot more than they usually do. I static stretch, and I do mobility exercises everyday, yet the pain continues to worsen. I also take my fish oil. Is there anything I can do about this pain?

Have you tried taking glucosamine & chondroitin? Also rather high dosages of Ester-C have helped fix joint problems…

What works for me:

  • glucosamine pills
  • LOTS of fish oil
  • knee wraps
  • thorough warm-ups


When do your knees ache? Morning? Evening? Specific activities?

Where on the knee is your pain? Medial? Lateral? Popliteal space (behind the knee)? Anterior? Behind the kneecap?

What kind of activities are you involved in?

There could be a host of issues causing your knee pain from ankle/subtalar pathobiomechanics to decreased hip mobility or others. It would be hard to even suggest a route of action with out more information or a more detailed account of when you experience knee pain.