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Aching Knees After Squats

I’d invest in a decent set of knee sleeves, also doing so much weekly volume ala smovlov isn’t going to help. About the knee pain specifically now you can try heat lamps and ice/ cold bath/ shower

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Your problem is a combination of two things.

  1. High volume + high frequency + high intensity is not a good idea. Pick two out of those three.

  2. Viewing your video clip, I see the following:
    a. You’re rushing your set up
    b. You’re dropping onto your knees. You need to sit back to a degree, so you can place
    most of the stress on the hips on the posterior chain. How much you sit back depends
    on your anthropometry, flexibility, weaknesses, etc. Watch Coan and Mark Bell (How to
    skwaat), and Matt Wenning (so you think you can squat)

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I appreciate all the input everyone. I may take a few weeks off of any high intensity work and incorporate some suggestions above and rolling out a few times a week. Hopefully that will give me some permanent relief. Any suggestions on knee sleeves? @hugh_gilly @Vincepac1500

I love my sbd s but they are the only pair I’ve ever owned. I hear rehband are good too.

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Pretty much anything marketed to powerlifters or weightlifters. You just want something that will keep your knees warm and put a bit of compression on the joint, they all do that. If you want something that might give you a little bounce out of the hole then SBD, Titan Yellow Jackets, or Strong sleeves will do it, otherwise Rehband, Metal, the plain Titan sleeves, and many other options will work just fine.

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NO amount of foam rolling, knee sleeves, PT, or any other band aid will EVER correct faulty technique.

If you think that clip shows good technique, send it to any big name lifter for review.

Find someone to work with you hands on.

I can definitely agree with you on form/technique. I know mine needs work for sure. That video posted was early June and since then I have been making effort to concentrate on depth and sitting back more. I also bought some shoes with an elevated heel and I have been making effort to really stretch out my calves and increase ankly mobility. I have also started to video all my ME days so I can check myself to see what I need to work on.

Put the shoes in the closet. All they do is throw you forward. Stretching won’t fix it either.

Since you said ME I assume you are training conjugate? If so work the shit out of the posterior chain. Block deads, rack pulls, Stiff legs, RDL’s, Good mornings, 45 degree back extensions, GHR, reverse hypers, calf raises (standing and seated).

Remember, a weak muscle is a stiff muscle.

Yes I follow a conjugate style approach to strength training. I really wish i had cash to fork out to get a reverse hyper and GHR.

My hamstrings are notoriously tight when I hit squats… Esp when i get in the hole it makes me feel like im falling forward at higher intensities.

I am currently training conjugate at a commercial gym. I had the same problem with the hamstrings. They got stronger, my form improved immensly.

Of course, the commercial gym doesn’t have a GHR or a rev. hyper so I make do with the 45 degree back extensions, band good mornings, leg curl (three different machines) good mornings, SDL, RDL, block deads (no blocks so I stack different sizes of rubber crossfit plates). My hamstrings are still not as strong as they should be, but my deadlift is moving well and my block pulls are up 50-60 lbs in the past 4 months.

Man that makes a lot of sense, normally for accessory work on ME lower i hit SG Deadlifts and I literally just started doing Good Mornings about 3 weeks ago so weight is still really light on them until i get for down. I also just started to incorporate band leg curl iso holds with rogue mini bands. Im bout to do a little research to see if i can build a wooden DIY GHR.

You’ve given me hope! haha

You can do a reverse hyper on a high box with bands and you can do a GHR in the power rack. Just google it and you’ll find everything you could ever want. Also, if you’re having knee pain, why post a video that is 3 months old if you’ve been working on technique?

I have taken recent videos on a box squat but it was only a view from the rear. I workout in my garage and we’re doing a house renovation so its hard getting a good angle from the side with all the shit we got in there . . I know its stupid and doesnt make sense but its the best i have currently

Ive got squats planned for todays work up to 315 I will shoot a video and post up

I have a pair of expensive SBD’s but now I just use some cheaper THOR double ply’s which do the job fine and are comfy.

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Here’s my top three sets for squats tonight

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

A video from the back or front would be helpful. It kind of looks like you aren’t opening your hips up enough. The same thing stated differently is that maybe you’re not pushing your knees out hard enough.

Think of your hips not as something that folds but as slung between the legs.

Sit back more too. You’ll probably be weaker starting out but your P-chain has a ton of strength and muscle potential.

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I’ll expand on that a little bit.

  1. Still rushing the setup

  2. Fletch1986 is correct about opening the hips but its hard for people to understand how its done. Just before you begin the descent spread your groin open like you’re sitting on a horse. Ed Coan calls it “opening the taint”. Martial artists call it the horse position. Once you opened up the hips, then the next step is to break the hips first then the kness and then drop down. How much you sit back is going to depend on your leverages.

3.The other thing to do is to turn the feet out so that the femurs are parallel with the thighs. The more the thighs open, the more the feet turn out. Think of the platform as a clock. When both feet are together and forward they are both at the 12 position. As your thighs open your feet will move to the 11 and 1, 10 and 2 positions, etc.

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That makes a lot of sense and is something I do not do. Sometimes i have trouble with all these cues going into the lift it throws me off and just doesnt feel natural.

Try the following:

  1. With a bar across your back sit back on a box that puts you just below parallel
  2. Open the hips and lean forward with a tight spine-no buttwink
  3. Have a friend snap a photo to see if the bar is over your ankle.
  4. If the bar is not directly over your ankle, adjust back angle and thigh width until it is.
  5. Squat up without moving the knees forward.

This is your squat position. It may feel weird at first but you will get used to it. I taught my 9 year old how to squat in 10 minutes using this method.

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Awesome, I appreciate the advice.