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Aching is Holding Me Back

I am doing 5x5 so Deadlifts Squats Dumbell rows and Incline and flat bench with dumbells. I also add in weighted chin and pull ups.

The trouble is I Ache alot 48 hours after I do a workout, which is right in time for the next workout. Does this mean I am doing to much? Should I rest until I have no aching or just do the plan with the aches?


As you get used to training the aching will subside. However, i would also look at your workout nutrition…are you eating enough to recover from the workout?

What does your current training week look like? Hoping your not doing 5x5 on squats and deadlifts in the same session.

Post your training scheme.

The aching is obvious - you’re a beginner. After a couple of weeks it should get better.