Aching Arms!

Id be really grateful if someone was to give me their expert opinion on my somewhat seeimingly obvious stupidity.
The other day in the gym my mate challenged me to see how many 30lb bicep curls i could go without stopping. I ended up doing 112, beating his 35.
Now im in the most aweful pain ive ever felt, i cant straighten my arms, and the pain just feels like its getting worse (2 days after the event).
Anything any of u guys reckon i should do to help recover from something like this? I mean im a semi experienced weight lifter, ive been doing it for 6 years, and completed a personal training course a few years ago, but, this just seems insane!

Man… I would tell you to ice them up like crazy; use the little paper cups fill them with water, stick em in the freezer, then ice your arms down til it melts… I would do that couple times a day…Light stretching just to get the blood flow back in there as well… take some anti-inflammatory or ibeuprofin… Hope that helped somewhat…

do 15-20 minutes of light cardio, otherwise just wait it out.

[quote]nneate wrote:
do 15-20 minutes of light cardio, otherwise just wait it out.[/quote]

ditto. and keep stretching.

lol. That’s some funny shit. Do it with deadlifts next time.

lmao, that’s funny, lol, but, why would you take that kind of a dare anyway, I mean, that’s the kind of thing that gets people seriously hurt. Anyway, back to the sub ( sry, didnt mean to preach there) yea, deffinately keep stretching it, and hey, look on the bright side, you’re liable to see a gain in deffinition, lol, good luck man.

Thanks for your advice guys. And to the guys that said that it was funny… if not for the pain id agree. I just hope that it was somehow worth it.
Actually, it kinda was, my biceps are usually pretty average, but at the moment with all the trauma going on inside there, theyre all pumped and constantly looking flexed, and last night my girlfriend was feeling my arms and just said “WOAH! They’re HUGE!”.
What else could a guy want.


If you were doing regular barbell curls, I recommend doing some reverse curls. That should help you out quite a bit. But seriously, this reminds me of when I was real young and didn’t know what I was doing. I would train til body parts felt like they were going to fall off. Take some ib pruofen and rest. I’m sure you’ll be fine.


I love it. This is great. Feel the pain man.

I would suggest all that has been told to you so far, plus adding in some high rep very light weight curls to get the blood flowing to the aching area. Were talking like 5 lbs. if you can do that.

Also, you will probably get some good gains from all this pain to look forward to. Might even consider throwing such a 100 rep routine in every now and again. Maybe rethink the weight a bit though, you dont want to be to the point of not being able to freaking move.

Weve all done it though.

Good Luck,

[quote]cjf3690 wrote:
lmao, that’s funny, lol, but, why would you take that kind of a dare anyway,[/quote]

It is funny, and some people just have to take dares, especially if money is involved.

When I used to bartend, after we closed and we’re cleaning up, I did a similarly crazy dare/bet. We had a large bin of ice water and we made a bet to see who could keep their hand in it the longest. I thought one of us would give up in less than 5 minutes. That water was freakin cold. But, we kept our hand in there for over fifteen minutes. I couldn’t feel my fingers till 6 pm the next day, and even then they still ached.

The things we do for 5 bucks.

Anyway, I pretty much agree with everyone else. Ice it and get some blood in there with very light weight and medium to high reps.

Hope you feel better,

Jimmy I’ve been there. Woke up one morning with my arm bent under my chest and couldn’t straighten it. Oh yeah, and I screamed like a banshee when I first tried upon waking.
Your bicep is likely in spasm and more curls is not the best idea yet. Ice it and let it release first. You’ve done major damage and it needs rest and TLC. Took me 2 full days just to straighten it completely.

Self massage really getting into the muscle will help. Everything everyone has said so far will really work well. Incorporate the massage, maybe an arm ergomometer for 15 minutes will take care of that sucker.

If you don’t have an arm ergomometer, try this trick: Take a recumbent bike at your gym and flip it so the front is now pointing up. It’ll wobble a bit, but you should be able to set it up against something. Oh yeah, make sure you check with your friendly, neighborhood ACE certified personal trainer so they don’t freak out when they see you touching their precious equipment.

You did eat right following this muscle torture, right?

Hey, there, jimmy_day_au. Welcome to the forum!

My quick suggestions would be that you take potent doses of bromelain (2000 GDU) an hour before every meal. Needs to be taken on an empty stomach to help with inflammation and pain. It will also help with protein synthesis, repair, turnover, etc. Some MSM and Vitamin C (a gram or two each) would complement the bromelain nicely. And finally, get yourself some fish oil. Get a molecularly distilled product with measurable amounts of EPA/DHA. You’re shooting for 6g per day.

The above protocol will take the edge off of things anytime you overdo it a bit.

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Im glad u guys are getting into this. I find it funny though that there are all these supplements reccomended! All i did was let the muscle rest, stretch, apply heat in the shower… stretch again… and got the girlfriend to massage them (she loved it), and now theyre on the road to recovery.
Thanks for everyones help, and good luck with youre new 112 rep sets that i know you will want to try!
Yours Sincerely
James Day
(the 19 year old Christian Aussie Dude who did too many bicep curls.)
See me at a gym or church near u!

The recommended supps are probably more useful for someone who has overdone it on squats or DLs, which can leave one seriously incapacitated. Analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory supps are useful for sports injuries and even non-sports injuries like car accidents. I don’t like or recommend NSAIDs because they inhibit protein synthesis.

Anyway, glad to hear that you’re on the road to recovery! (grin)