Achilles tendons

Has anyone every snapped their Achilles tendon?? It looks nasty!!! My friend just snapped his a few hours ago. Picture your heel, now run you hand up from the very bottom of you heel a few inches - now imagine that every bit of hard/soft muscle or tendon is gone. All of it is bunched up in a ball just under and behind the back of your knee - NASTY!!!

What exercises/stretches can improve flexibility in those areas of the lower leg??? I don’t want to be playin a hard game of B-ball this summer and all of a sudden SNAP my Achilles tendon is gone and near my upper calf.

I read in muscular development that aerobic activity strengthens the tendon ,such as jump rope, jogging…

I remember reading many years ago that using aspirin will cause the body’s uric (?) acid to crystalize, causing microtears in the tendons, basically like grinding compound. This can exacerbate tendonitis. So the upshot of this is to avoid aspirin until you know the tendon is 100%.