Achilles Tendonitis

Has anyone ever had achilles tendonitis? Hoping for some feedback on treatment and total recovery time needed. I am currently use ice and Advil and will be having some ART. It has gotten much worse over the last month because I didnt give it time to heel. I cant run, cant train calves, and can sometimes barely walk. Oh yeah I just started some Chondroiton too 2000 mg a day.

Yeah, had it for about two years, tried everything short of surgery to treat it. The “RICE” method, massages across the tendon (not with it), special shoe inserts, etc. It was a bitch. Like you said, no running, training calves, and for me squats hurt, and it was very difficult to practice martial arts skills. I think that’s how I injured it the first time. I was taking Tang Soo Do, and had to do way too many jumping kicks. What was the result? None of it seemed to help. However, recently it just went away. I don’t know why, didn’t do any more “treatment” but it suddenly healed. I was really surprised to wake up and be able to walk first thing in the morning and even go for a jog without killing myself. I just hope it doesn’t return, so I’m still taking it easy.