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Achilles Tendon Recovery


I strained my Achilles tendon. Any thoughts and suggestions on stretches and exercises to speed up the healing process?


I’m in the same boat and currently doing a lot of eccentric-only calf raises and cross friction massage on the advice of my physical therapist gf.


Thanks! I’ll start working on that!


I damaged a ligament in my elbow and this site convinced me to keep lifting but with extremely light “loading” and use heat often. I put a damp cloth in the microwave for 20secs then apply. I do it often during the day. Blood does not flow normally to connective tissue and heat increases blood flow. Another thing im convinced accelerated healing is i bought osteo bi-flex 7 day starter packs because they contain collagen. I dont wanna find the source of the study but it says 10mg of collagen triggers the immune system to reset and begin normal “fixing” of collagen and cartilage.so heat pads, regular very light loading, and collagen supplements is best you can do, imo, to stack the deck your favor for accelerated healing.


Thank you! I will start applying the heat every night before bed.


Voodoo band work. This guy has loads of great tips…