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Achilles Tendinitis/Tendinosis

My achilles tendon won’t get better. I’ve tried stretching it out and doing slow eccentrics to make it better, but it just won’t seem to get better! I don’t want it to snap and have to go through surgery and rehab. Does anyone have any other advise on exercises I can do and maybe even supplements I can take? Maybe something I could wear when I play to make sure it doesn’t rip or anything?

Also, my knee has been bothering me and I started to use a tendon tightener and it helps. However, I don’t want to have to rely on it. First off, what is it that it does that makes my knee feel better, and what can I do make it so I don’t have to rely on it. I feel a lot more confident with my knee when its on, but again, I’d rather not need it. I already to single legged stuff and lower body work, but what else could I do to supplement my workout to make it feel better?

i dont know what a tendon tightener is but as far as supplements go a good glucosamine and chondroitin will help find a good one as there not all the same quality also vit c,a,zinc and calcium.

I don’t even know if its called a tendon tightener, but I’ve heard it called that. It’s just a strap with a bar on the inside that you put on the patella tendon to put pressure on it. Also I guess there’s a type for your achilles tendon so I’ll try it out. But I’ll still need exercises.


It’s an old article, but when I had achilles tendonitis it helped with the first stage of recovery…pain reduction/elimination. Go see a specialist and see if they recommend this as treatment. Getting rid of the pain and sicomfort should be your first priority…then you can tackle rehabilitation. Just my two cents…