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Achilles Rupture Recovery

Hey everyone.

I have been a long time lurker here on T-Nation. I have been on this site for probably more then 10 years, although I never posted much. I started this log to share my journey of recovering from a complete achilles rupture that happened a week ago.

Quick background:

I started lifting when I was around 17 years old. Well if you can call doing pushups and crunches weightlifitng.
I was also a soccer player at a pretty high level here in the Netherlands. This was until I was around 18 years old.

A long story short I went to college, got my degree but also got fat. Started working, got even more fat (I weigh now around 190 at 1.73m/5"8 or something) but still thought I could run and gun like in the past.

Well I could not. After suffering 3 or 4 hamstring injuries, a pulled calve, numerous ankle sprains,
my body decided it would put me on the side for real: a complete achilles rupture.

It is now one week ago that I had surgery.

I made this log because somewhere in the back of my mind I have this voice that is saying “this is not how it should end, you can come back and be better than ever”

This log is made to fuel that voice.

I will be posting my progress here. There will be no weights any time soon as
I can not walk at the moment, but some upper body exercises are possible and
I am very focused on nutrition and have some interesting things to share about that.

My ultimate goal is to redefine myself. Heal the tendon, lose the fat, gain strenght
and make a complete comeback. I am 28 so I think I have one last shot to either
do it right and come back fit, healthy and strong instead of retiring from sports prematurely
in pain and shame.

Thanks for Reading

Sounds painful, I hope you are keeping it immobile or following your doctor’s advice on activity levels for the moment. Heal it with overnight Comfrey or Plantago major poultices. Heating pad helps the healing Allantoin soak in. It may take some time but I promise it will heal you twice as fast as your body could heal itself on its own.