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Whats up. Finally starting a log, my lifting partner Jimbo and I.

My goals: Gain as much size and strength while lowering fat levels. I pretty much eat a shit load, drink lots of protein, and lift a lot of weights off the ground.

Achilles backround: wrestled, football, track in highschool. Rugby in college. My all time highest weight was this summer at a 5’11 252. I now weigh around 237-240 and are a senior in college (22). I want to start a cleaner bulk again end of October.

We are currently on a one muscle per day except for bicep/tricep/forearms. This will only be for another few weeks and then we will return to out usualy split which is Chest/tris/calves, Bicep/back/forearm, legs/shoulders/traps. twice a week with a heavy day and volume day

Jimbo:goals = gain size and strength

background - played football all 4 yrs of high school, threw shot put and discus in high school and hoping to throw shot put soon in college as well, also played baseball 1 year.

Height - 6 foot
Weight - 210

Sunday=Legs today

one set leg ext for some blood flow+stretchinga

Back squat: 135x15, 225x10, 315x8,405x5 stopped here. 405 felt slow and weak. I need to warm up more me thinks.

Front squat from pins: 135x10, 225x10, 315x2. Front squatting from pins is hell of a lot harder than regular to me. Its like your lacking the gear to throw you up quick. It felt awesome though. Usually 315 front squat is simple but from pins it decimated my thighs

Romanian DL from blocks for xtra penetration: 135x10, 225x10,315x8

Leg press: 585x12, 765x12, 945x 8, 1035x6

Hack squat: 315x10, 495x8, 585x8,765x6

calve raises: some x some

lying leg curl:4 sets somexsome

Surge PWO + PWOD (Post Work Out Dip) necessary for bigger numbers the next day.

YES! Solid, solid lifting man! Was that you in the vid or your partner? Either way, AWESOME!!!

What’s your diet look like? I’ve talked to SO many people about diet, so I could help you arrange some shit if you’d like. If you want to ‘clean bulk’ I’d suggest the Mountain Dog Diet.

What school do you go to?

hlss: the University of Alabama. and thats me in the vid. my partner will be in vids we post for tomorrows chest lift. Hes about 20+ lbs lighter than me. but has solid lifts regardless.

And for sure Im down to work out something for my next bulk. Im going to be doing fasted cardio twice a week and then sprints another two days a week. + throwing drills.

Are you trying to lose fat while gaining muscle (recomp), or trying to get bigger (bulk), or trying to lose fat?

Right now more of a recomp stage. but come late october/early november I will be starting a bulk.

What’s your current diet?

Chest Monday

BB Bench - 135x10, 225x5, 245x4, 275x2, 300x1 (needed very little help but still got it) New PR

Incline BB Bench - 135x10, 135x8, 185x4

Incline Neck Press - 135x5, 135x5, 185x3

Decline Banded Bench - 135x10, 185x6, 225x1

Incline Fly’s 3 sets of 10 with 30’s

2 versions of cable flys 3 sets of 10 on both

hence: Chest

warm up x stretching

Flat BB: 45x15,135x15,135x15

Incline BB: 135x10,185x10,225x10

Neck BB press: 135x10, 185x10, 225x5

Decline BB banded press: 225x10, 275x5, 315x1, 225x8 never had i done banded press before. The resistance is awesome but makes it so much harder -.-

Incline flys: 30x10, 45x10,50x10, 30x10

cable flys (upper/lower): some x some


PWOD and home for surgeee

Jimbo’s banded press 225

Neck press

Jimbo showed me neck press, we do it after reg incline. you grab the bar as wide as possible and literally bench to your neck versus conventional upper chest. it really blasts your upper pecks and delts. just watch out for your pinkys

Will be uploading some diet example and physique pics for hlss to help out with a new diet.

War damn eagle!!!

Lol… Just kidding. I hate auburn. What’s going on? Great log. You’re a big strong dude. Vids are awesome too. Are you gonna try to throw for the Alabama track team? Is that your goal?

yeah thats the plan, right now I’m fuckin around with some club baseball but both of us are training and hopefully will be able to walk on the team. We ordered a shot in the mail so we can practice our throws.

^^x2 Yeah Greg Jimbo and I are training to try and walk on in the spring. Well be posting some videos of us throwing and doing diff throwing prep drills here and there as well. Other than that my goal is just to get big and strong.

Back Tuesdays.

Not good lifts today. ate horribly because of so much school work and are still sore. Hopefully will have a better pull day later in the week.

pull ups some x some

DL: 225x10, 315x8, 405x6, 500x1, 565xfail -,- instead of trying to work to heavier singles i think i should have just repped 500 out more and moved to a lighter weight such as 530 or something. W.e. ill hit my 565 next week. :frowning:

Bent over row: 135x15, 185x12, 225x10, 275x6

Lat pulls: 150x15,200x10, 225x10,250x5

T-bar: some x some

tired time for surge home nd german homework.

Decent Back day today, only did 5 lifts but still felt good, a little sore though

Deadlift - 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x1 (all raw)

Rack Pulls - 315x5, 405x3

Bent Over Rows - 135x10, 135x10, 185x8, 225x8

Lat Pulls - 10/8/6/4

T-Bar Row - 3x10

are you guys gonna try to throw shot only? Or shot and disc?

those DL’s were nice. I’m jealous of your 500… Hoping to hit a 500 DL soon. Why do you have your grip so wide? I only ask cause if you moved it in a few inches you’d save yourself some ROM?

good luck with the walk on situation guys… I’ll be pullin for ya

eh I should have had my 565 -.- Ill get it next week. and perhaps ill move my grip in a little to see if it makes a difference.

Still a while until walk ons so we have time to get strength up and practice throwing more. next week well post throwing drills. and for now we are just trying for shot but who knows maybe well develop into discuss as well

Shoulders DEMOLITION Day

[u]Military Press: [/u] 135x12, 185x10, 225x5, 245x1

[u] Speed Cleans: [/u] 135x10, 185x10, 225x6, 275x1, drop 135x10 hang clean

[u] Arnold’s: [/u] 65x12, 75x12, 85x8

[u] HS Shoulder Press [/u] 2pp x12 (one arm at a time) 3pp x8, 3pp x8

[u] Delt EXPLOSION SPECIAL [/u] 2 sets = consists of 10 reps shoulder press x 10 reps rear delt fly x 10 reps of front raises

[u] Shrugs [/u] 4 sets of random weight

Had to go home early, gf had dinner readyy.

Shoulder Day was a good one, did 3 core lifts and got a real good sweat goin

Standing Military Press - 135x8, 135x8, 155x6

Push Press - 135x10, 185x4, 185x3

Hang Cleans (had a video for me doin 225 but didn’t come out too well so we cant post it) - 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 225x1, 135x10

Arnold Dumbbell Press - 55x10, 55x10, 70x6

Hammer Strength Shoulder Machine (1 arm at a time keeping the other one fully extended) - 140x10, 180x8, 230x3

2 sets of a seated shoulder press/rear delt fly/upright row superset combo

Shrug Machine - 4 sets of 15 with 3 plates on each side

Arm Day

Hammer Curls - 40x10, 45x10, 50x8

Close Grip Bench - 135x12, 185x10, 225x8

DB Preacher Curl - 30x12, 35x10, 40x8, 45x6

Skull Crushers - 4 sets of 10 with 65

Reverse Grip Curls - 3 sets of 10

Tricep Push Down - 4 sets of 10

Tricep Machine - 2 sets of 12

Dips - 2 sets of 10