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Achilles' Heel Injury, Help!

ok so i hurt the tendant on my left calf. happened maybe 4 days ago and i thought it was my calf at first. it doesnt kill but when i do calf excersises it really doesnt let me do em. i got a few questions that i wasnt able to google. im currently on AAS if it would affect any of the following questions.

  1. how long should i take off from doing my calves?
  2. can i still do my upper legs? (squats, etc?)
  3. how can i speed up the recovery?!?!?

i hate taking time off but last thing i need is to rupture a tendant.


Well, if you’re on anything that will help collagen synthesis (deca, I believe, and def IGF), then you will recover quickly.

I can’t gauge how bad it is off of your post, but does it creak or feel like a dry rubberband? If so, I’d keep from training legs for about 2 weeks. If it’s only inflamed, then try a week then test it out with body weight at most for raises. Either way, training legs should be out of the question.

In the meantime, make sure you stretch that bitch out every day, like 5 times a day. Also, you can do calf raises by going up on two legs then come down on 1. Do this about 3 sets of 10 - 15 reps each day.

I strained my achilles twice. A lot of times it’s a function of changing shoes (elevated heel) or tight calves.

ye im taking deca was thinking about getting IGF in hopes to strenghten the tendon, not sure if it did.

any ways thx alot for the help, and it really isnt to bad i can walk on it but i kinda walk weird as too not put as much pressure. il give it 3 weeks just to be safe then see how it is from there.