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Achieving Strength Off A PH Cycle

I have been reading alot about PH’s lately and since I am a Strength Athlete I would like to know if anyone can help with a ideal cycle In-season and Off-season cycle I play football at a D-IAA school and am looking to go up the depth charts. Guys on my team take them but I really don’t trust them to help me out with a cycle. I have read strength is achieved by PH’s that convert into DHT but won’t that cause you to get gyno?

I am looking to get started on my first cycle but it is strictly to gain strength and what is better for PCT 6-0x0 or Nolva? This is a college student budget.

I play football in college too and I just began taking MAG-10. It has helped me gain 15 pounds on my bench in only one week. If you can afford a bottle for 225 smackers then definitely go for it.


anybody else have any suggestions?

Either go with the MAG-10 or try out an injectable form of 4AD stacked with either 1test like in MAG-10 or with M1T.

Either should work pretty good for you. But these are some of the only PH with any merrit. Most other ph are useless even if the ingrediants are the same simply because they aren’t absorbed by the body in any usuable fashion.

Also nolva is better.
Hope this helps