Achieving Realistic Goals

I have seen T Nation on YouTube and joined this morning. What variation in my work and diet should I adopt to reach my goals? Are they realistic?

My stats
62 yrs
186-188 lbs
Body fat approx. 20-23%
Slender, athletic
Walk on collegiate athlete, baseball, basketball, football.
I got lazy and away from the gym for 9 months and my weight jumped to 198 lbs. I have been two months into a minimum 4 max 5 day split routine written by my trainer. I work out 1 hour + including 15-20 minutes cardio. My strength is increasing however; I don’t see my physique changing. I play golf.

I am vegetarian: veggies, heavy on fruits, juice and water, no meat only wild caught fish (salmon).
This morning I resumed taking Creatine powder in a glass of OJ.

Build strength
Bench Press 225 lbs within 60 days from today, currently at 135 lbs, 6-8 reps.
Get down to my early college weight of 170-174 lbs.
Acquire a nice physique for vacation in July 2015
Hit a golf ball 300 yards. Golf’s longest hitter ever, Mike Austin a pro golfer, at the age of 64 hit a golf ball 516 yards in a senior tournament in Las Vegas 1972.


Hey Robert, only thing I could mention is this. LISTEN and Understand.
CT and others here are generous and kind almost to a Fault !
Be consistent, committed and dedicated, patient. The results will come.

Robert, obviously I’m not Chritstian Thibaubeau (I’m not sure if you meant to post in his forum or one of the more general ones), but I’d like to offer some input. Your diet appears to be very carbohydrate-heavy and lacking in protein. As a vegetarian myself, I know that it can be difficult to get a lot protein, especially when you’re first starting out. If you eat milk and eggs, I would suggest eating eggs daily and adding a quality whey protein shake to your diet. Cottage cheese is also a great addition. I know that personally, my didn’t respond to exercise much at all when I was eating primarily rice and beans, fruit, and vegetables.

As for your goals, I think your bench goal is very lofty (especially coupled with your weight-loss goals) but within the realm of possibility. Just hammer away at them and see where you can get. Good luck!