Achieving my Weight Loss Goal

Hello im 260 pounds 6’1 and 18 years old. I want to lose weight. I use to play football so thats why i let myself get so heavy because it was needed for me to play post secondary, but because of an injury( torn tendon and meniscus) i have chosen not to go that route. I love working out but i’m not sure what to do nutrition wise or training wise to torch my fat and moobs (man boobs). Any help would be appreciated.


In my humble opinion: before you figure out how to get where you are going, you have to figure out exactly where you are. This means keeping track of everything you eat and drink. Buy a kitchen scale ($10 or so on Amazon) and use it. You will probably surprise yourself with either how much more, or less, you are eating than you THOUGHT you were eating. Once you can record everything you eat for a week make a calorie goal and see how consistent you can be. Once you can consitently (1 wk or more) hit your calorie goal within 1-200 kcal you are ready to make an adjustment to calories and/or macros.

The mistakes that I made for years and years were:

  1. Not actually counting what came in (I suspect that I did this because I didn’t REALLY want to know the truth!)
  2. Making too many course corrections, too quickly. Your body is like a boat; very small changes produce HUGE results, given enough time on that course. A very small calorie defecit, over enough time, will equal KEEPABLE results.
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Do your injures still plague you? Or are you good to go with any training?

What are your current eating habits like? How often do you indulge in empty/junk-food calories?

Be honest.

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I’m 2 week post op just trying to get my ducks in a row before I get started. I have the stitches out and have full ROM now. I’ve been slowly getting strength back in leg with physio till I get cleared to start training again.

I’m eating 3 times a day and then I’ll usually have a few snacka at some point In the day Some of the snacks I have are empty calories eg some chips or cookies but most are clean eg a apple. and then maybe like once or twice every few weeks I’d eat out somewhere. I find my self snacking often. Thanks

Okay I’ll give that a try. How do I find out what my calorie goal should be? Is there a formula? Or is it just kinda playing around till I find the calorie goal of where I’m losing weight?

FatKidfromFL is giving you good advice. I was in the same situation: lineman, 6"1, 240 pounds of fat with a destroyed ACL. Take your time and don’t change too much your habits at first. Training is sure good to lose weight, especially if you lift weights on the side. You could try in the beginning to take the habit of having a solid breakfast, and then stop or seriously limiting junk like fast food, soda, chips, mayonnaise, fruit juice, limiting cheese… for a month. Yeah and snacking is bad, unless it’s an apple… See if that works for you (I lost 20 pounds in 2 months just doing that) and in the meantime track your calories. You can assess later and transition in an even cleaner diet if you desire more easily

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If you’re eating as cleanly as you say, the weight should be falling off of you already. If it’s not, the most likely explanation is that you’re eating vastly more junk calories than you think.

At 6’1" and 260#, unless you are strong as a bull (I’m talking 400/500/600 strong), you are likely carrying 80-100# of fat. (That doesn’t mean you have lose 80-100# to lose.) Assuming you are endocrinologically normal, as an 18 y.o. your metabolism is such that it takes a lot of calories to maintain that weight. It would be a major challenge to eat enough clean food to maintain 260#, and to do so in 3 meals would be nigh well impossible. Thus, your food choices and frequent ‘snacks’ must be much more calorically dense than you’re letting on (read: You’re eating a lot more crap than you’re admitting). No endocrinologically intact 18 y.o. gets/stays 260# eating three healthy meals a day and eating apples for their between-meal snacks.

At this point, you don’t need to count calories; you just need to cut the crap from your diet. Eat as much clean food–lean protein (egg whites, chicken breasts, 96/4 ground beef, non-oily fish), vegetables, and beans–as you want. Snack on fruit; again, eat as much as you want (except bananas–those need to be limited to a couple per day). Limit your junk food to one meal per week. If you do this, I guarantee the weight will fall off of you.

Now, eventually, your weight loss on such a program will plateau, and you will have a decision to make: If you’re happy with your body composition, you can just keep eating that way; if you want to lean out further, you’ll have to start counting calories. But that decision is several months away, and you need not worry about it right now.


thank you for calling me on my shit. clearly my habits are worse than i thought they truly where. ill give what you suggested a shot and then take it from there in a month or so.


Just keep a simple log of what you eat for a couple of days, it can really be helpful to see how much you’re actually “snacking” on.

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Write it down, everything you eat, snacks and all, and keep a food log.
Seeing what I eat and the patterns of foods I go through helps me to identify the holes in my nutrition etc.
That’s my two cents

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Sorry for the late reply, I don’t know why I missed your question. 12-13kcal/lb body weight is a good start for dropping weight. 15kcal/lb is near maintenance for most folks. 17kcal/lb should put weight on you. Consistency is key, and like EyeDentist said, cutting the crap from your diet will go a loooooong way. Stick to one plan for long enough to actually determine the results. Your body works in averages; e.g. The average daily kcals you take in over the course of the week will determine more than any single day’s kcals.

It’s been awhile, any update?

things have been going good. ive dropped down to about 255, and i’ve just been entering in what im eating into my fitness pal just to hold myself accountable. it told me to eat about 2490 a day and thats what ive been eating. workout wise i can only workout 3 times a week cause of knee and im doing chest, back, and shoulders and arms and then i walk to and back from the gym and do some core work. once im cleared to train legs (should be by next month) i was thinking of trying this program by Christian Thibaudeau. let me know what you think about it.

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