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Achieving goals

I have learned lots from reading the threads and posts of this forum, and needless to say I feel there is still lots for me to learn. I feel that I have a good grasp on training and nutrition, but I want more. I would love to hear what those of you have found to be most beneficial in your personal quest to achieve your goals. These could be anything from training styles to eating habits to music etc…As always all replys are appreciated, thanks J.


Hey man I’m in the same boat. I’ve learned so damn much from this site its unbelievable. The people here are so willing to share there exerpience and wisdom to the newbies and youngers guys like myself. I like looking at other guys training routines and splits. Great website!


I agree with you. It’s really an ongoing adventure.

In my case what has helped me more than anything are two strategy’s: Consistency and Intensity

No matter what else was going on in my life, business wise, personally etc. I never missed a training session. (The only exception would be a severe sickness which was rare).

If you miss even two training sessions per month that adds up to 24 for the year. If you are training even four times per week 48 weeks per year (taking out planned rest time) that should make 189 training sessions per year. If you skip 24 that is almost a 13% reduction in productivity!

I know this type of calcuation may seem overdone to some, but what other good thing in your life do you want reduced by almost 13%? Your pay? Time with your loved ones? Good quality food? That’s if you blow off jsut two workouts per month. Some skip even more than this!

The second thing that I have found essential is, intensity. When you are in the gym you should be there to train. Not flirt with the girls. Or talk to your pals. Studies have shown that both Hgh and T rise at a steady rate and then begin to fall off fairly early on. Is it a good idea to train much past this?

In addition to this, I look at a few basic things when I am trying to increase my intensity: Weight, time between sets, time doing the set, reps, sets. Have you improved on one of those things? (based upon your training protocol for that cycle). You are the person who is committing your time. Are you using this time wisely?

Both Consistency and Intensity have helped me in my quest for Strength and Health.

(If I were to add a third ingredient it would be the recording of all of your training sessions. This acts as your own personal coach as you compare the various detail of your past sessions with what you are now performing. And naturally a quality diet would also be high on the list.)

Just getting my ass in the gym and under the bar consistently seems to have worked pretty well for me.

I’m pretty much a newb. But I’ve made some good gains. A few things I do are:
-Eat clean food, but lots of it.
-Keep a training log, I can’t remember how much I did last time, but with it written down I don’t have to.
-Right on about consistancy, keep at it.
-Make sure your family understands your goals. Sometimes my wife wants more time, but she knows my gym time is off limits.

“Sometimes my wife wants more time, but she knows my gym time is off limits.”

Another one for the books.

Consistency has to be number one. Beyond that, learn how to eat right. And listen to your body.

That about sums it up.

Resistance to pain.

And forgetting how to count. 15 is such an imposing number. Easier to endure if I’m thinking “one more rep” repeatedly.


Thanks for the replys everyone, please keep them coming. In my own quest, I feel that consistency and effort are two major contributors to my own achievments. I miss few workouts a year, and make sure to train as hard as I can that day. any way keep the quality info coming, as it helps a lot. J

the difference between the guys who get what they want and the dreamers.
A good way to find oput what intensity is? go training with the best in your chosen field. best way to learn

Personally, I think I’ve learned more about nutrition from this site than anything. All I knew before was to eat. Not necessarily healthy, but just to eat. I did that and it showed. I wish I would’ve eaten healthier.

I also realized that I wasn’t training the way I should have for my goals, i.e. strength first, size second.

I know what helps me get to my goals is visualization. Before sets i try to think about how good i am gonna look at the beach if i push just a little harder =] That, and music for me is improtant in keeping me motivated throughout a whole workout!!

I think what really helped me the most was desire and determination…When I first started out, all I did was run. I was uneducated, and I knew I wanted to lose weight, so I didn’t eat and I ran a lot. That was it…But as I read more and more, and as I began weightlifting more as a lifestlye than a hobby, I was beginning to see muscles I didn’t even know existed. And even though I must look at least 10 times better than when I started out, I still want more. And that is what pushes me to go the extra mile, get that one last rep, shovel down my tuna from the can, and eat so much chicken that it hurts. It’s all desire and determination…

Important stepstones in the way to my goals

  1. knowledge is best weapon. always seek it, never thing you hace enough.
  2. having goals!
  3. Intensity - you can’t under estimate that
  4. putting the intensity where it counts, i.e focusing on the important things
  5. learning that everything effects everything else in life.

good luck on your quest J.


Man once again I would like to thank all of you who have replies, reading your posts is very motivating. I feel that I have learned lots from this site, and am vey thankful. One area that I have learned the most and applied it, is that of nutrition. This is the area, where popersonally I have made my grerateest strides, but I Still feel like there is more to learn. I know that I have yet to really push the envelop in this area, especially when it oms to adding extra calories for fear of geting fat. I know this is something that I must overcome if I ever want to continue progressing the way I can, for those who have faced this and overcame it, what techniques have you used? what helped you out?