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Achievement Unlocked

beginner in lifting,martial arts,calisthenics


height: 168cm

DL: 140kg x 1
Bench: 42kg x 1


2010: 10th grade, learned TKD. started jogging,working out,carb cutting.

2011: lost lots of weight,but have zero musculature.confidence boosted.

2012: national service for 3 months.


bodybuilding-ish broscience workout @ college gym for 4 months.
finished foundation,moved onto calisthenics.

late 2013:

fell into depression,lost strength,gained fat.


Jan:discovered strength training @ gym .big lifts
Feb:definite improvement in strength.
March:barred access to gym, moved back to calisthenics
April:enrolling into university next month,hopefully will find decent gym, for now, calisthenics


Bench:1.5x BW
DL:2.5x BW
Sq:2x BW

human flag 30s both sides
back lever 1m
one-arm chin up 1 rep ea
one-arm pushups 10reps ea w/ strict form
freestanding h-stand pushup 10reps
pistol squat 10 rep ea

P.S : Will update stats in the morning