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Achievable Test Cyp Results?

Hey guys, gearing up for my first test cyp cycle of 500mg. I wanted to know if it is possible to burn fat and gain muscle on test. I’ll be in a cal surplus but I just wanted to know if with a clean diet and more cardio if fat loss is achievable?

Thanks guys.


6’0 172lbs
12% BF

Your kinda small/lean already for 6’. I wouldnt expect much more fat loss in a calorie surplus.

At 12% you’re going to have a hard time getting leaner while in a surplus. You’re almost better off doing a recomp, but that’s usually more complicated and requires some experience to nail just right. Unless you’re on tren. (Do not use tren; it’s not for beginners)

I’ve had some good gains natty, but I have some belly fat. Not sure to push through and keep gaining or not.

If you have belly fat then you are not 12%. That would indicate lean with fairly defined abs.

Yeah most guys are way off when they give their body fat,I’m 6’0 205 and I still feel small at I wouldn’t worry about the fat just try to put on as much muscle as you can and then do a cutting cycle. It’s better especially when you’re first starting out to have one clear goal you can work towards. Gaining really lean muscle is difficult and requires your diet to be extremely disciplined


Bro if your 6 foot 172 with belly fat you have a serious issue with diet and training that needs to be addressed before using gear.

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6’0", 172 lbs and 12%, if correct, is pretty small with a FFMI of about 20 (or average). You might want to consider trying to maximize your natural potential first; you have quite some room to grow.

You honestly are probably correct about the diet. My belly isn’t wild or anything, I just have not been physically this big all over my body in my life and gaining the fat with muscle is hard to accept.

You need to be careful. Running a cycle with a sloppy diet especially in your situation could be disastrous. I’d suggest you stay at or slightly below maintenance calories on cycle to avoid any extra fat gain. With your height and weight you should be able to pack on muscle even in a slight deficit while on cycle. Stick to complex carbs low-fat high quality protein

Remember it’s not all done with 1 cycle. Steroids aren’t the answer to all your problems. Diet and training are. Steroids are meant to supplement diet and training. If you have a shit diet then your just supplementing it to be even more shit


Thanks for the advice man. As far as diet goes, I know there is a topic section on here with a lot of info. Do you know a good post you’ve created or written on–on diet? Seems like you know your stuff.


I know simple diet stuff and what works for me. But I’m far from the best person to get meal plans from etc. I read some of these guys diets that wake up at 6am eating and they weigh out all their shit and eat super healthy. They are the ones to get diet plans from. You can find some of them in the diet area and in thier logs.

I couldn’t imagine putting food on a scale and eating flavorless crap. Just the idea of a food journal makes my head hurt. I gain fat easily so I do have to be careful with what I eat. I just follow some simple rules like no fast food of any kind. The closest il get to that is like a chicken burrito from a Mexican joint. I don’t eat sweets or anything that is loaded with sugar. I don’t eat pasta or white rice. I get my carbs from wheat bread, oatmeal, cereal, occasionally a potato and some brown rice. And I eat a lot of chicken,tuna, fish, and turkey with the occasional steak.il follow this with no cheats for a few months then il take a couple weeks off and eat whatever I want then hop back on. And il tweak it as needed depending on what gear I’m running and what I’m trying to accomplish. I don’t track macros if I were to try and eat a set macro count daily I’d be miserable. Some days I want more carbs then others some days I eat more fat. But I always keep my protein high.

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