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Achievable Strength Goals?


How much strength can i expect to gain in about 8 months considering ive been working out only 2months so can still benefit from noob gains. prior to this ive done virtually zero exercise.

These are my current lifts.

squat atg, 130kg x 3(286lbs)
deadlift, 130kg x 1 (286lbs)
military press, 57.5kg x 4 (127lbs)
dumbell bench press, 36 x 4 (80lbs)
barbell rows, 75kg x 6 (165lbs)

are these reasonable goals for 8 months? i know there are a number of factors, so assuming I get adequate sleep and calorie intake and am following rippetoes.

squat atg, 160 x 6 (353lbs)
deadlift, 180 x 6 (396lbs)
military press, 80 x 6 (176lbs)
dumbell bench press, 50kg x 6 (110lbs)
barbell rows, 110kg x 6

I just think its important to set some goals to have something to work towards. These probably seem quite high and unrealistic for only 8 months gains, so tell me what would be more attainable in the timespan. btw right now ive recently turned 17, 6'2, 210lbs, 18%bf, may seem like ive got some size but i havent got much muscle at all, not even 15' arms.


You may be interested in this:

Most people can reach Novice in about 3-9 months. You're there now in squat and mil press. Intermediate usually takes about 2 years. You can probably make your goals within your 8 months.

Just keep making gains and when you can't switch to Madcow's 5x5.

Eat lots of clean food and you will grow.


If you've been lifting for two months I doubt you can squat ass to grass 286 punds, unless your thighs are or are nearly touching your calves it ain't atg.


Why is your deadlift weaker than your squat? Just curious.


maybe hes 6'2" with a 65 inch wingspan


Your numbers are supreme bullshit.


Very very strange. you press the 80's after 2 mnonths of training? impressive.
your ATG squat is the same as deadlift? shocking. Your hip flexors must be made of tempered steel.
YOur barbell row is THAT less for someone pressing 80's????

I don't know what to say.


Well I press 80lbs and row 180lbs.. so that could be right I think? :X that's 80lbs each hand, right? however I am not anywhere near those DL and squat. Dunno :X Good luck to you anyway.



LOL, great avatar


everyones caling bullshit on my lifts eh? well thats fine. i dont see how those numbers are impressive though considering im over 200lbs and somewhat fat. the reason my deadlift is lower is because i have weak grip, my forearms tire way before the rest of me.

okay so the squat wasnt atg apart from the first rep, got scared of being stuck, past parallel though, maybe not exactly perfect form either. just put that there for a little ego boost.

and for the two people who do believe me thanks for the advice.