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Hey, thanks for all of the helpful input that was previously given under "freshman 15." (lost 2 lbs last week, yay)

I have noticed that for the past few weeks my body constantly aches though. My body parts also fall asleep wicked fast and frequently. Does anyone else encounter this?

I get about 7 hrs of sleep a night, I've been eating better, and my stress level hasnt fluctuated all that much over the past few weeks, and I take Sundays off. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



When you say your body "aches", is it a muscular ache or more of your joints aching? Also, what body parts are falling asleep? Is it your arms, legs, head, all of the above? :stuck_out_tongue:

Without those questions answered, this would be my first advice.
-Muscular soreness is your body's way of telling you that it needs more macronutrients. With that being said, the best time to increase your nutrients is post-workout. IMO (CARBS & PROTEIN)
-Joints aches come from a number of sources, I'm not going to list them all (Mostly because I don't know them all) But clean up your form, take a joint health supplement of some sort. ie glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, samE,
(Don't take it around your carb containing meals because it can affect insulin sensitivity)

Last but not least, STRETCH after every workout!!!!!!!!!!


you need more sleep.


Last month I restarted working out, after a near six month absence. In the first few days(upto three weeks)I too suffered from aches and excessively sore muscles alot as well.

However the aches are now non-exsistent, the soreness still occurs of course.

You will be fine in a few more weeks:)


Thanks, all. Its not muscle soreness, its just a dull ache all over my body, not specifically targetting joints or anything. Hopefull it will just pass.


body aches? Maybe arhtritis... WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!! MUHAHAHHAA.... nah just kiddin, in all seriousness though it could be, hell it happeend to be about 8 months ago and i just turned 18, if it IS in your joints and its not going away early detection is key. ORRRRR about the tired thing, perhaps your anermic? a real quick test would be to run a gold ring across your cheek, if it leaves a black line your anemic.