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Aches and Pains


Is It normal to get little aches and pains when constantly being under heavy loads, not so much injuries just little things you notice in everyday living, eg shoulder twinge or knee ache.

Im on a deaload (xmas time) and ive been getting plently, its almost like sitting round over xmas doing nothing has made me worse, like my body doesnt like not being used.

Whats ur thoughts?



You must be able to separate pain from injury; nobody else can do this for you. Post training aches and pains are normal to a degree. However; discomfort that fails to improve or appears intermittently is feedback that shouldnâ??t be ignored.
I wouldn't consider idle periods a de-load. De-loading implies a minor reduction in volume and/or intensity, not changing stations, rep ranges, methods of execution, etc.
I agree......resting to much hurts.


At what points in your life do you rest the most? When youre sick, hurt, or dead. If you ever stop moving, it has to be because of one of those three factors. Not doing anything on your deload week is the musulo-tendonous equivalent of blowing your brains out.

That being said, aches and pains will happen. If they become worse over time or dont ever get better you need to seriously take a look at your program and restoration methods. If you don't utilize any restoration methods then that is why you hurt all the time.


Normaly a deload for me still involves some work, but basicaly i just like to grease the grove on deload. Its just over xmas ive havent been in the gym atall, and one day my knee was hurting another my hip!! Just feel like im falling apart from NOT lifting. Could just be my diet is out the window and im being a lazy c**t and im reverting back to being like a normal human, not a heavy lifting machine!


Yea man, I recently though it would be a good idea to take a whole week off due to an injury. I came back and more shit hurt. I knew it would happen like that. It was stupid of me. You just cant stop once you start. It's the worst thing you can do.


Taking anymore than a few days for me off usually results in agony when I go back. I took a little more than 2 weeks off over the holidays. Went in and DL'ed on Thursday, felt strong as hell (Christmas cookies), made some real good pulls and by Thursday evening felt like a cripple. It is now just bearable to get up off the can.
Under regular training circumstances, I have aches and pains literally all the time. It comes with age. I see my kid push it like hell and she is fine the next day, whereas I'm gimping around and bitching about sore legs.


Muscle pain or joint pain?


On the rare occasion I take an entire week off, I'll still do stuff like lots of walking, bikecycling, and kayaking. Keeps the GPP up and helps maintain good circulation to the joints I feel. And of course foam roller/tennis ball work and stretching.


Mostly muscular, but I do feel it in my hip joints after a break. Not so much from DL, but I am anticipating some hip pain after squatting on Tuesday.