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Aches and pains

Hi all

I am starting to lift weights again or have been trying for the last six months. What semes stop stop me are pains I get in my right knee and somtimes my left as well, wich I am getting used to , I have had constand packpains since I was 18, I am 23 now wich I have gotten used to . Now my latest problem is pain in my right elbow and wrist. (I am carefull not to lock my joints when lifting weights). This is wery discuraging and stops me from relly starting to train Hardcore. Am I just getting old


I’m 28 and I’ve been living with knee pain all my life. Last week after skiing in Banff a friend let me try some of his “Aleve” and I have to say that in about 15 min all pain was completely gone - amazing stuff. Of course in Canada we have to have a perscription to get it - so I’ve been researching it a bit - it does have side affects but I plan on getting some for my once a week day after squats pain.

Emilo, there is no need to endure pain if you train correctly. If you are a powerlifter or in any other sport where your physical performance is all that counts, you might have to endure exercises that are not good for you but necessary for you goal. If you train to look good you don’t. Since you have several problem zones and assuming you didn’t have a history of problems before you started working out (I don’t count your back problem here) my guess is that you train with bad form and/or too much weight. Take less weight and try to do every exercise using very exact form and slow tempo. If possible get a training partner (or just anyone willing to help you) to check your form. You might want to cut back with your training until the pain stops, however.