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Aches and Pains Training for First Meet. Am I Overtraining?


As that he is old? Hold it !he is the same age as myself! Thanks for making me feel like crap! :disappointed_relieved:


You guys can still make gains if you train right. Look at Dave Ricks, setting open squat records in his mid 50’s.


Oh I know that just messing with you


Good, I was worried I was going to give you stroke.


Smart ass



OMS (Old Man Strength)!! Now if the joints, tendons, and ligaments would just agree! My list is adding up…Bicep tendinitis, impinged shoulder, lumbar strain, wrist pain. I think I even pulled a hammy having sex. Poor wife was getting ready to call 911.
I neglected stretching, warming up in my youth, now I am stretching for half my workout!


Lol yeah tell me about it.