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Ach....About a Girl

So there’s this girl I like, hung out with a few times, but I don’t know if she likes me. I actually asked because I was so confused and she did say yes. However, I don’t feel like I’m getting any signs from her. She is kinda shy, and she said she doesn’t really flirt because she tried and it felt unnatural.
It’s not that she’s cold or refuses physical contact, but she doesn’t ever initiate contact or act very affectionate.

Should I just ask her to be more physical? Could this just be her getting used to me? I know it’s tough to tell since you are not in my situation, but any advice would be appreciated.

I don’t get it, are you like dating or is she just this girl you know that you want to “get to know better”? If it’s the first you need to make a move and go for it, if the latter I’d say go ahead and make some touchy feely, just be subtle and not overly agressive(ie don’t take out your cock and slap her in the face with it). I’m guessing that at the very least you guys have hung out a few times and you both are a little shy about making a move. Go for it, you will find out right away if it was the right thing to do. (But I think you’re ok dude)

Let me get this straight… you asked her if she likes you… she said yes… and you still don’t know whether she likes you? Comeon. Girls do play games sometimes but they’re not blatant liars(usually they’re sneakier then that).

Be the man already and ask her out, and initiate some casual touching. Like analog said, don’t slap her with your cock, but holding her hand, taking her arm, putting an arm around her, etc, should be fine.