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Acetylcholine vs Dopamine-Dominant Further Reading?


I saw something about this on here last night but have never heard of it before and it sounds very interesting to me. Can anyone point me to further reading? I searched already, just need some context with explanations of the theory. I am not sure what to type into google without getting clinical stuff.

Here is the tread that sparked my interest: CT: Help Clarify Training for Acetylcholine Dominant Lifters?

Thank you


I found an interesting article Poliquin wrote covering it several years ago


I like that article, but I wish there was a more in depth article about the subject, such as more examples of progressions for each type of person


Is there anything a bit more “Western” that I could tie into that? Was hoping something from CT or the likes. Thank you.


Fire = Dopamine dominant
Wood = Acetylcholine dominant
Earth = Balanced
Metal = GABA
Water =Serotonin

Just because it uses Chinese elements doesn’t make it less true or applicable


When saying ‘dominant’ or one of the element types is that pretty ‘fixed’ for lack of better term?

I am curious if there are other things I could look at in my life to determine which of these I am outside of the examples training in Charles’ article. Input appreciated.


Well i did the braverman assesment and found that I am serotonin dominant. I Wish there was good information as to how serotonin dominant people should train, I did read poliquins article but he wasn’t a fan of us “water types.” It Would be great to hear your input on serotonin dominant athletes CT as this topic has me really curious