Acetylcholine receptors

I was thinking about Power Drive, when i had some ideas. These have probably been thought of, and maybe these are dumb but i was just brainstorming. is there anything that increases the number of acetylcholine receptors? is that possible? also, too bad nicotine is addictive, because nicotine has a similar action as acetylcholine when it comes in contact with muscular nicotinic receptors. Could you use an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor to work with DMAE and phosphatidylcholine in Power Drive? its used in myasthenia treatment

Hmm… let me remember my last year pharmacology. I don’t think there is anything that can increase the amount of ACh receptor. Just like serotonin, if you have an increased amount of receptor (upregulation) and low amount of serotonin then you will suffer depression.
Yeah, Nicotine is addictive but i think it’s different from ACh. ACh basically maintains mental alertness and does other stuff, however nicotine has some depressant effects as well.
Wow, i could not imagine if you block ACh-esterase enzyme and add so much stuff that increases ACh. You will experience a very high increase in BP ? Hypertensive crisis?
If we think logically, yes, we can use it.

Good Lord, no. Unless you want the typical side effects of excess acetylcholine, namely yakking your guts out, drooling, crying excessively (tearing), pissing all over yourself, crapping all over yourself (and diarrhea at that), and other thing, I wouldn’t suggest it.

haha damn. how does all that happen? i thouht acetylcholine only really affected memory and muscle contraction, but i just learned about it a little in class today.

boxcar, it’s a neurotransmitter for the parasympathetic nervous system, too.

You have acetylcholine receptors all through your body. Unfortunately you can’t just stimulate the ones you want.