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Acetylcholine Dominant/Earth-Wood Type. Progress is Suffering

Hi coach,

i would need some advice on a trainings plan for me. Every few month I get a minor injury or i’m catching a cold. I was aware of the neurotansmitter profile training before, but I simply believed it is a interesting approach but might be a little too far fetched for me. However, it looks like I have to admit it is scientifically based. I assuming im an earth type with some wood tendencies*. When i go 2x6reps for a few weeks I get injured, if I do crossfit, I get a cold. The articles Im finding dont really seem so transparent in my opinion. So is something like german volume training a good option for me ? Would really appreciate your help, thanks.

1A Total Number of True Responses - DOPAMINE Nature: 24
2A Total Number of True Responses - ACETYLCHOLINE Nature: 28
3A Total Number of True Responses - GABA Nature: 28
4A Total Number of True Responses - SEROTONIN Nature: 25
You are ACETYLCHOLINE Dominant.

I do not use the Braverman assessment. And to me acetylcholine is not a dominance. I cannot answer your question