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Acetyl Glutamine+Sodium Bicarbonate

I’ve been using acetyl glutamine and really getting great pumps when using it during workouts. The only problem is it’s killing my stomach. Now I’ve been combining it with baking soda(sodium bicarbonate) it fizzes violently which means the acetyl glutamine is acidic, hence the acetyl prefix (acetic acid= vinegar). Does this fizzing reaction remove the acetyl side chain from the acetyl glutamine or make it less effective??

I am not for certain, but it seems the baking soda would neutralize your gastric juice in your stomach, and would probably not be able to play a role in reducing lactic acid build up. It might be the baking soda throwing your gastric juice out of wack that is causing these stomach problems. This is strictly my opinion and is not backed by any actual research I have read.