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It’s a bilzzard here in NY/NJ area I called Castworldwide (the people who administer the test) a couple times last night and they said the test was still on as long the proctor can get there. I called Rutgers capmus today @ 10am to make sure the test was still on and they said it was. So I leave my house at 11am into the snow storm I go. I get to the test site the porctor tells us the test has been cancelled the school lock the doors on them and they can’t get in. There were people coming in from Virginia. Couldn’t they have better customer service or relation w/ the school so that they can inform us well a head of time whether or not the school is holding the test or not? Now I don’t know when I can take the test I guess I’ll find out on monday.

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Silas C.

Sorry to hear about that.

damn, that sucks. those jerks.

Just out of curiosity, how much does the test cost, how long does it take, and how long have u studied for?

That’s what you get for taking the ACE exam. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, that sucks. Tell them you want to write for free for your trouble.

they owe you, put enough pressure on them and see what you can get in return (a partial discount etc.) cause that is really bullshit!
I think the thing that really sucks is that you went through all this trouble just for ace. That’s like running 26 miles to bang rosanne barr, the payoff is just not worth all the work (if it was britney spears then thats a different story).
Seriously, there was a great article in ian kings newsletter about the difference between certification for professional recognition and certification for professional development. ACE definately fits under professional recognition and has no place under professional development in my honest opinion. I had ace and dropped it cause I found most of it’s information conflicted with what I found was working with my clients. Add the fact I was paying them 70 bucks a year to renew their cert and I considered ace a double loser.
Your best bet is number one. What I mean by that is go to issue number one in the archives and read all the articles on this website. I have made more progress with my clients in the last few months by reading the previous issues of this site and then taking notes on all the info that pertains to me. Plus it is all free, it’s just a lot of work.
Either way, good luck with your training, but I am gonna tell you that my C.S.C.S and my ace cert and my 20 other in company certs were all a waste of time compared to what I am learning on this site (think of all the hours I wasted on those certs that I could have been spending on t-mag)

The personal trainer cert from ACE is a joke, but the Clinical Exercise Specialist is OK. I have it and an ACSM H/F cert and found they are similar material. The ACSM test was far more comprehensive but the ACE title looks better on the resume. I recommend getting both; just schedule the ACE CES as soon after the ACSM as possible and you wont even have to study. Actually the CES is what the personal trainer cert should be; in other words its material is far more indicative of the necessary knowledge for a typical trainer. It is inadequate for most wellness/post rehab settings in my opinion.

You got that right, fitone. Ace sucks!

But it also sucks you had to go through that.

Shank, too bad they don’t have a “Testosterone” cert, huh?


Here’s the thing I do I agree w/ you ACE cert. does suck, but in a corporate setting where I work at ACE is a national reconizible cert. And so I am taking that test and the company I work for pays for it. I am also looking to get NASM, and CSCS cert to. I the corporate enviroment in order to move up the food chain as per say they look at the certs and education more. Not nessescary that education and certs gives you the best trainer just that they are reconized more in a coporate setting. Hey why not its coming out of their pocket not mine.

In Health,

Silas C.

As a grad of Rutgers, I sympathize with you Fitone. It’s called the RU screw. Anyone and everyone who went to RU at some point of time has experienced this. Maybe it’s not just RU but all large universities but anyway it’s not fair to you as you aren’t even a student at RU.