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Ace Pro Bench Shirt or APEX Bench Shirt


I am leaning towards getting the Ace Pro Bench Shirt, but I hear good things about the Apex shirt. Anybody here tried the APEX shirt? (the one Ryan Kennelly uses now)

My past bench shirt experience is:

Inzer HD Blast Shirt
Inzer Ultimate Denim Shirt (Canvas)
Metal Double Denim Shirt
Red Power Ranger Ultra Power Shirt (scifi material) lol j/k


I tried an APEX. I have heard it called a rebranded Rage X. I don’t know about that- but it’s pretty similar. The groove favors a bencher that touches low and tucked and quickly brings the weight back over his face to lock out. Overall, I seems like a solid well-made shirt that will probably work weel for someone that has mastered the new-school hard poly shirts like Rage X and Katana.

I am eager to try an ACE. I heard it is very similar in groove to Super Phenom- i.e. works well for benchers that touch high and push the weight straight up. However, given the issues with getting Metal gear altered, I have held off. I have not owned a single shirt that performed right out the UPS box. In fact, it took two rounds of altertions to get my Super Phenom where I want it.


[quote]Pinto wrote:
However, given the issues with getting Metal gear altered, I have held off.[/quote]

What issues have you heard about getting metal altered?

Both me and one of my training partners have had metal squat suits altered by ginny with no issues, I’d be confident she could take care of the ace shirt too.