ACE Knee Sleeves Worth It?

I can get them for under 10$. My knees have been feeling shitty. Is it worth the price tag? I believe you only get one in each box so the investment would be 20$.

Generally I think knee sleeves are awesome. They have really helped my knees alot.

I can’t really say anything spesific about the ACE brand, but in general I definitively recomend buying some knee sleeves.

If they’re the blue ones I’ve had a pair for the last year or so, worn them for 2.5 hours 4 times a week, and they just have one tiny tear which hasn’t got any bigger for months. Nicely shaped, they wash well, and they’re very comfortable.

ok guys I’ll pick some up in the next few weeks paycheck-willing.

where do u get them for 10$?

[quote]bignate wrote:
where do u get them for 10$?[/quote]

pick n save.

I don’t know about the ace brand, but I have a generic pair of rite-aid knee sleeves that I wear whenever squatting or doing event work, and they really help. Keeps everything tight and warm throughout all my sets, I like them a lot.

After my current pair kicks the bucket I may ante up and go for the Tommy Kono knee sleeves, I’ve heard nothing but good about this brand, but they are a bit pricey.

I have the tommy kono sleeves and they are great if you want some extra comfort squatting and doing your olympic movements.