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ACE Certification(?)

I’d appreciate any advice if possible:

From what ive read , i think getting an ACE cert is the smartest thing to do for my current situation and goals (getting started with personal training, working for a gym) , but im unsure as to what i should be purchasing or doing when i visit this site :


Is it necessary i spend $700 on testing/study materials ?

Should i just be buying the basic study package ?

Are you able to simply register for the test and take it without purchasing additional study materials ? Have any of you done this ? ( i do not have any degrees in exercise science, nutrition or A&P)

Do you need to physically go to a testing center to take the exam ?

If i have no prior degree or legit/official education in these areas would i really be needing 6+ months to prepare and register for this exam ? ( i plan to have further education in the future)