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ACE Cert: Who's Feeling Generous?


Im looking for materials to read over so I can take the ACE certification. I know it's not a great or even good one to have but I just need something to get me started and get my feet wet.

Just fresh out of HS so I'm gonna be going after a degree and a CSCS after that but like I said, I need some letters to get a PT job.

So if anyone has any good material that they can refer me to or email, that would be awesome.


out of curiosity, if you are planning on getting your CSCS through NASM, then why not also get your CPT through NASM? Unless you want to be a part of multiple organizations, i understand that.

I suppose that was more of a general question to the readers who have more experience and can answer.


i obviously meant NSCA and teh NASM doesn't offer the cscs. whoops.


I'll see if my boy still has his.

Hinestly though, I wouldnt waste my time on ACE. Its the same as having a HS diploma. You can get a training job without a cert.

Here's what you do

Get an interview and tell the interviewer that you want to be the best possible trainer you can.

Tell them you will study for the NSCA-CPT while working part time (you'll buy the book with your first check and read it for a few months then get certed by them)

This, to me, shows a definite passion for the iron/gym game...much more than showing up with a "2+2" cert.

but if you do choose to go the ACE route I will check like I said.

Also, check ebay


Im only working part-time right now and paying almost 800 for the NASM is not very practical. One of the NASM guys actually called me today and explained how the whole thing works and it sounded like a good path to take.

The plan is to get a full time PT job with whatever type of cert I can afford now and continue on to get a degree and more qualified/respected letters.


But we all know how most of the corporate gyms work. They have specific requirements and other BS so they can even give you a look.

Like I said in my other post, the ACE is just to get started and is the cheapest one among the bunch. I just need that to secure a full time PT job and move up from there.


Shit, a lot of gyms hold classes for new hires on weekends to get certs anyway. Just show up with a good attitude. All you'll be doing is sales anyway.

Commercial gyms only require you to be 18 and have a diploma. They usually train you how they want you to be trained.

But, I'll check for ya. You feel comfortable giving me your address? muguhahahahah


hey I have the textbook. It's the only thing you need to pass the exam. I can give it to you if I find it. I studied for it only to find out the nearest exam was in Toronto lol.

I'll send it to you if you pay me the postal cost.


Lol, sure I dont mind shooting my address, as long as you dont mind sending the stuff.


Definitely. It shouldn't cost too much if you're in Quebec. Let me know if you find it, thanks.