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ACDC-Black Ice

[quote]MangoMan305 wrote:
They suck and always will suck nuff said.

just my humble opinion which shouldnt have even been posted here but I feel like getting someone angry[/quote]

To say that a band “sucks” because you don’t personally like them, is silly. They are very good at what they do.

Go mull that over while you listen to your favorite Wham cd :wink:

Does Ronnie Coleman suck at bodybuilding if you don’t like his physique?

[quote]Mr.Purple wrote:
Black Ice is no Back in Black.

Still, I think AC/DC have kept their quality high even in later years. Not every band is aging quite so gracefully.

Being a gentleman, I won’t name anyone.


Oh, you mean like the Rolling yawn Stones?


[quote]MangoMan305 wrote:
They suck and always will suck nuff said.


Go listen to the older AC/DC…Powerage to start. Bluesy, balls to the wall stuff.

Don’t cut your teeth on Back n Black and the new one ( which are great). Need to listen to a young Angus ( no pun intended ) and Bon Scott first.

Plus…Malcolm is one of the BEST rhythm guitarists ever.

This may be the only band who did not skip a beat with a new singer.

I am a die hard Zep fan, but will defend AC/DC. Too many great songs that are never played.

i got almost all ac/dc albums.but ‘black ice’ no. it just sounds to gernetic.

Say goodbye to ACDC. I’m sorry if you can’t handle it, but you must. They have become a parody of themselves, a horrible geriatric jello, it still shakes but it’s not food.

Step away from the Wal-Mart shirt.

Bon Scott would puke on your face.

Hang. It. UP.