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Anyone here use accutane before a cycle because you already have bad enough acne and know that more would just be too much? If so, please tell me what you did as far as how long you took it and where you got it. I took it years ago when suddenly developed cystic acne but didnt take the standard full course because my insurance ran out at bad time (between jobs). Now the cystic acne is coming back and causing more scarring so I need to start planning to use Accutane again.


don't take aas while on accutane...it is very hepatoxic...and do the full course this time--you will be pleased.




There is an 800 number for suicide counseling when on accutane. Think about it before trusting a company with the reputation of Roche. People kill themselves on this drug all the time. I almost lost someone myself.


Weird. Never heard about the suicides relating to Accutane.

I took a full course roughly six years ago (full was five months then I believe) and had no problems whatsoever.

I always thought it was a great product. Haven't had acne since.

As I remember it, taking a less-than-full course is almost a waste. The idea is to kill all the acne bacteria in your skin so it never comes back. If you don't finish the course, the bacteria just comes back...



with any antibiotic, you must run the FULL COURSE.


I have 5 days left of accutane. Never suffered any depression and only noticeable side effect was chapped lips. No more acne.

Having a pizza face kinda fucks up what you think about yourself. My guess is that many of the suicides can be linked to that and not just accutane.


The stuff works wonders. I know firsthand. Just be sure to stay on it until you've completed the 5 or 6 months that your doctor prescribes. I don't think that "tons of people" commit suicide on it at all. My dermatologist explained that there was one case of a congressman's kid committing suicide while on the stuff (VERY dubious as to whether or not it was even remotely related to the Accutane), so the fed did what the fed does best, and they put massive warning labels on it and tried to scare the living daylights out of everyone. "THERE'S A 50/50 CHANCE YOU MIGHT KILL YOURSELF WHILE ON THIS DRUG!!!" Uh, no. It's probably about as safe as creatine in that sense. But don't just take my word for it; talk to your doctor.


The suicide rates are bunk. According to a recent study a few years ago, 1/100,000 accutane patients have killed tyhemselves, while 4/100,000 teenagers have committed suicide. No significant coorelation whatsoever. I took a full 6 month course and the acne, cystic I might add, disappeared within the first month of use.

Accutane is a mysterious drug, and killing the acne bacteria is not the primary means through which is works, as P. acne bacteria lives on everyone's face, you cannot permantly rid yourself of it, but it primarily dries out your sebaceous glands, normalizes skin exfoliation, and kills bacteria. There has been talk that it actually affects one's insulin sensitivity and certain hormones to do its job, which is why some say that many will continue to breakout within 1 year, but that was speculation of a few researchers.


Accutane: Saved my face.

Well, saved it from acne at least. The rest I dunno.



blaming suicides on accutane seems as absurd to me as blaming steroids for violent behavior. sure there can be some sort of connection drawn, but there are so many other countless factors/variables that contribute to these complex mental disorders.


It's not an antibiotic. As someone mentioned before, its mechanism is basically to semi-permanently shrink oil-producing glands. The partial course of it I took indeed eliminated my acne for several years. Before it I had to wash face several times a day, use tons of benzoyl pero and other topical meds every time washed face, and never accidentally make sure to never be in situation where forget to wash face or something because then acne would go from bad but controlled, to out of control. After Accutane, I didn't even have to wash face and never used topicals -- was miraculous. But now 5 years later it's been coming back more and more so this time I need to do the Accutane right.

Does anyone know where to order it cheap though? Cheapest I've been able to find it online is about $5 per 40mg capsule which means $5 per day or about $750 for five months!


IMO that's pretty cheap for 40mg.The cheapeat I've seen is about $2.10 for 10mg. Can you PM the site you saw it on thanks alot.
I talked to someone and he said Accutane is almost impossible to get, I never tried it but I might after my cycle I plan.Is he just B.S.ing me??


pretty cool coincidence. I was on doxycycline for about 4 months with little to know results. So i decided to do some research on a better alternative, when I came up with accutane. Almost every anabolic site you go to, for skin treatment its accutane. I thought this must work, but it is so exspensive. So then just today I had an appointment with my dermatologist for a checkup to see how I was doing with my antibiotics. and thats when he brought up accutane. I was so happy. so tomorrow i start the begining of the new me, or facial me anyhow and hopefully it works. 6 months is a long time. But at least its free thanks to doc.



I took two full courses of Accutane when I was a teenager (almost 20 years ago, yikes!) It worked, to a degree. Although some acne did come back, and I still have some minor acne to this day, it never came back as full-on cystic acne.

Back when I took it (I would say 1987 or 1988) they made you have blood work done every month. I would hope that they still do that, because on one of my courses they did have to scale me back due to what the blood work showed.