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Anyone ever use accutane? What was your experience and situation? I am asking because I am 25 and all of a sudden I broke out like a 13 year old that jerks off abuot 100 times a day…I have used everything on the shelf but they do not work…I read about that juicers get on accutane to reduce pimples during a cycle so that is why I am asking…any input helps…thanks

One of my good friend took acutane, he was my training partner at that time.

Two week after he end up loosing size/strength and was exausted by nothing.

It may not do that for you but this stuff sucks in my umble opinion, I loose a fucking hardcore training partner over It.

                     Keep fighting

Supposedly it works, but as mentioned it can cause unwanted side effects. I would prolly take it though if needed, i had acne bad for a while and it straight up sucks.

talk to a doctor about getting tetracycline. It isnt as harsh as Accutane but seems to work well.

i took it when i was 18 (now 23) and i never had any bad side effects. my skin got very dry so i used a lot of lotion and had to put on sunblock if i was in the sun for over a half hour or so but nothing too bad for getting rid of that damn backne.

I asked about getting some from my doc but he tried to put me off by stating how many young men kill themselves after doing accutane. Don’t know how prevalent this is because he didn’t quote any figures but depression is obviously one side effect to worry about. In the end to avoid hassle I went for antibiotics.

Start with OTC products and basic lifestyle adjustments. Wash your face with acne soap a few times a day, use salicylic acid pads in the evening, shower twice a day, and change your sheets/pillowcase every week.

If you’re honestly doing all that and still having problems, start taking tetracycline or doxycycline twice daily. Both are easily obtained prescriptions.

You could then move to a topical vitamin-A cream. This will cause a temporary outbreak, but it will clean things up soon thereafter.

The above will work for 9 of 10 people. If you’re the odd man out with continuing severe acne, then, and only then, deal with accutane.


Thanks guys…i made an appointment to the dermotologist…and yea $125 just for her to see me and diagnose me…I will ask her for the accutane and see what she tells me…i would take anything at this point if it took these stubborn acne away. Thanks for all your advice guys!