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Accutane Whilst on Cycle

Hey all… Thinking of starting a cycle of test cyp and equipoise. Running the cyp at 500 mg a week, and the EQ between 400 mg-600mg for a period of 12 weeks. This is my only second cycle… I bad sufferer of acne, my first cycle was a year ago, i did Tren Ace 225mg, and test enthante 500 mg, stopped the cycle at week 6, because my acne exploded and affected me months after.

Until i got a course of accutane from my derm in march, i ran it 40 mg ed for a month, then bumped it up to 80mg ed for 4 months after that. Just finished my last dose, and i havent seen one spot for a while. I was thinking of running 40 mg of accutane ed, whilst on cycle just to prevent breakout, what do you guys think ?

There is a good chance your acne will not return. If I were you I would get some minocyclene acne antibiotics, these are, I believe, the broadest spectrum one’s you can get. I have used them and they kick in very quickly.

I would run a test prop cycle next, this way if you need to ‘abandon ship’ quickly due to acne issues you can simply stop the test prop (and it will leave your body quickly) and start the antibiotics.

I was getting horrific cystic acne on my chest and back (can’t remember what I was on) and I used 200mg minocyclene for about 2 the first two weeks, along with 40mg accutane for 30 days. I continued the accutane for 90 days dropping down to 20mg for another 60 days. The only side effects were terrible cracked lips.

Would you suggest running the prop at 500 mg week ? And should i still run the equipoise ? (Havent started the cycle yet)

I would keep your EQ at 500-600mg/wk, can’t speak for Test Prop tho don’t know much about it. Test Cyp and EQ is nice though if you can get the acne under control.

Good luck!